VigRX Plus Review

vigrxplusI decided to write this review about VigRX plus to be able to share my hands on experience with the product. There are lots of guys out there who are frustrated because they can’t fully satisfy their women. If you go out and look for a male enhancement pill, you will quickly be overloaded with options. You will also have a hard time figuring out which products actually work and which don’t. I would like to tell you that I vouch for this one! Unlike other reviews I am not going to just give you a bunch of factual data about the product. You can find that everywhere else here I will give you my point of view.

What do you feel?

Before you take a pill please note that you are advised to do it right after a meal. But after you take a pill it takes about 5 minutes to start feeling something. The first thing you will feel is this distinct urge to have sex. Its the same feeling you feel when you have not ejaculated in a few days. So if you happen to take this before a sexual encounter you will be in great shape. After you get that feeling, if you or someone else sexually stimulates you, your erection will feel really strong. You will actually feel like your penis is super hard and your girl WILL notice that you are harder than usual. You will literately feel like you can go on forever. If you have been having sex for a while you will notice that your ejaculations become less and less exciting over time. An ejaculation after taking VigRX Plus will not be the same. You  somehow feel this strong explosion feeling as you ejaculate. As you have sex the friction will also feel a lot better. Another great bonus I noticed is that after you ejaculate in some cases you might not loose your erection completely. This will really make your partner happy if you had issues like this before because you can keep going. If you are looking to add size you will see some results shortly after taking it and even better results if you take it on a normal basis like a multivitamin.

Is it worth buying?

Before I bought it I was a bit skeptical. I know that might sound a bit cliche to you but everything on this site is true! You can certainly find other ways to improve yourself down there. But if you are looking for a quick and simple way to have an edge sexually without having to have “that talk” with your doctor, this is it. No need to exercise or do anything else. Your size will increase! When I used it I literately had my girlfriend ask me “Did your penis get bigger?”. There is not a better feeling than to hear a girl ask you that. If you are still not sure go see their website here to learn more about the product.