VigRX Plus Review


Hey my name is Armando and Vigrx Plus changed my life. I decided to write this review to be able to share my hands on, life changing experience I had with this product. Like many guys out there, I was not blessed with having a long or even thick penis.

I knew that if I ever wanted to have some real fun in life I would need to fix this. So I immediately went out and looked for a solution. I really wanted to impress the girls with my size.

If you go out and look for a male enhancement pill, you will be quickly overloaded with options. You will also have a hard time figuring out which products actually work and which don’t.

I actually tried a few others before I found Vigrx, including that famous blue pill everyone talks about. I spent a lot of money on pills and equipment and got no real results.

Unlike other reviews I am not just going to give you a bunch of factual data about the product. You can find that information at their official website. Here I will give you my real life review of this product.

My Results

Before I started taking the pills I was about 6 3/4 inches in length. After just ONE MONTH of taking Vigrx I noticed I added 1/4 of an inch in length. I remember thinking to myself this is awesome! I was now 7 inches! From there I just kept on taking it. Around half way through month two I noticed another 1/8th increase.

There was a few days during the beginning of month two where I did not take the pills due to being super busy. I bet I would have gained a bit more if it wasn’t for that. So even if you don’t take it every day you will still see differences.

While at first I did not pay attention to my girth (thickness) of my penis, I also noticed that was increasing too! I eventually stopped taking them at the 3 month mark. My final size ended up at 7 3/8 inches (which I still have to this day). However I am very certain if I had continued I would have gained a whole lot more!

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What do you feel?

Before you start taking them please note that you are advised to do it right after a meal. After you take a pill it takes about 5 minutes to start feeling something. The first thing you will feel is this distinct urge to have sex. Its the same feeling you feel when you have not ejaculated in a few days. So if you happen to take this before a sexual encounter you will be in great shape.

After you get that feeling, if you or someone else sexually stimulates you, your erection will feel really strong. You will actually feel like your penis is super hard. Your partner WILL notice (trust me) that you are harder than usual. You will literately feel like you can go on forever.

If you have been having sex for a while you will notice that your ejaculations become less and less exciting over time. Ejaculations after taking VigRX Plus will not be the same. You feel this strong explosion like feeling which feels amazing! While you have sex the friction will also feel a lot better.

Another great bonus I noticed is that after you ejaculate in some cases you might not lose your erection completely. This will really make your partner happy. Especially if you have a very sexually needy partner. You can now keep going!

But in general if you are looking to add size you will see some results shortly after taking it, and some even better results if you take it on a normal basis for a few months.

Is it worth buying?

Before I bought it I was not sure. After trying so many other products I was almost ready to give up. But I am super glad I tried it! While there are certainly other ways to improve your size, you can expect lots of hard work and discipline along with it. But if you are looking for a quick and simple way to gain some inches and have a edge sexually without having to have “that talk” with your doctor, this is it.

No need to do exercises or do anything else. Your size will increase! I was even able to impress my girlfriend at the time this one night after I had been taking it for a month. She literately said to me “Did it get bigger or something?”. There is not a better feeling than to hear a girl ask you that! Take my word for it. Using this product was by far the best decision I have ever made.

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