Top methods to make your penis bigger without male enhancement products

The very first thing some men think about when they are trying to make their penis bigger is pills. We have all see the commercials that run late at night pitching you the latest penis enlargement pill. Then we hop online and looks for reviews. Some might even stumble upon our very own vigrx plus review. Other might find reviews on forums. However, if the majority of those men did a little more research, they would find out there is other methods that are just as effective. Here are just a few of the most popular methods.

Exercise/Weight Loss
This is by far the most natural method to making your penis appear to be larger. Back in the year 2000 someone asked on the GoAskAlice website whether loosing weight would make their penis bigger. While it wont actually make it bigger, the loss of fat around your genitalia will give it more room. Meaning more of your penis will show. If you are someone who needs to loose some weight, why not knock out two birds with one stone.

Stretching Your Penis
This method is large unverified. There are lots of reports online form individuals who have claimed to have success. However there is a large group of people who claim it does not work. There is also a lack of studies performed on this method. You can learn more here about penis hanging if you happen to be curious.

Penis Enlargement Surgery
While this is not the easiest route by any means, its definitely the most surefire way to gain some inches. While there are some complications that can take place after the procedure, its nothing that the doctors cannot treat. Not only can this surgery make your penis longer but you can also add more girth. Once man reports that women have said its the widest penis they have ever see. Check out this link if you want to learn more these penis enlargement surgeries.

Accepting Your Penis Size
While this might not exactly be a method to making your wiener bigger, its certainly something to consider. Even though every day we are bombarded by the media and pop culture that women like a bigger penis, there are still plenty of women who have no problem with a regular sized man. In fact most men out there lie about their real size! There is nothing wrong with being average! Unless of course you have some sort of ego issue and just need to know you have a big one. In that case, take a look at Vigrx Plus. If you are on this website you more than likely have read my review on the home page of Vigrx Plus. I gained some pretty good size and you can too!